Antiviral Immune Protocol - Support Yourself!

Antiviral Immune Protocol - Support Yourself!

As the stay at home orders begin to lift, you’re now increasing you chance of exposure to the virus as we venture to the great outdoors. 🌎

Please understand that there has never been a more important time to protect your immune system with high quality nutrasuticals to combat viruses!

The brilliant Dr. Alex Vasquez has put 7 years of intense research into proving this protocol effective to accomplish the following:
  1. Block viral acquisition
  2. Block viral replication
  3. Support immune function
  4. Support cellular and whole body heath.
To accomplish the above goals, it is important to consider the following supplements, please click on each link to view more information on each supplement:

Additional considerations include:

🔹 Probiotic 


🔹 Pea Protein                                                                                                                  

For more information on how these supplements optimize your health, view some of my videos below:                                                                                                            
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