Krystal's 6 Week plan may be ideal for those who:

  • Need help reaching their nutrition goals with accountability coaching
  • Have a few pounds to lose and health goals to achieve
  • Are ready to learn new healthy alternatives to apply into their lifestyles

 Once you commit to working with Krystal you should expect the following:

Begin by filling out a health assessment questionnaire so that Krystal can understand how to best assist you to achieve your health goals. Once complete, she will review your answers in preparation for a 30 minute consultation call that you will schedule today. 

Krystal will customize your personal plan in an neatly organized binder that will include a Personalized Eating Plan, an Attainable Exercise Plan, Customized Supplement Regimen, Recipes, Restaurant Suggestions, Snack Suggestions, Detox Tips and additional Lifestyle Tips.


Once your plan is complete, you will schedule a 60 minute meeting with Krystal (in person or virtually via Skype or Zoom) to review your plan in detail. This meeting kicks off your 6 week coaching plan and then it is off to the races from there!

In addition to your binder, you will have access to your Patient Portal accessible through a convent phone app. The tool will offer accountability and allow unlimited communication with Krystal through the 6 weeks. Krystal will track your progress from this app and hold you accountable to reach your goals, keeping in constant contact with you through your health journey.

Total Cost of 6 Week Plan is $475

Additional phone calls are available for you to purchase at a discounted rate of $69 per 45 minute session.

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