Krystal's 12 week plan may be ideal for those who:
  • know they will thrive from long term accountability 
  • have a large weigh loss or health goal to achieve
  • are making a big change from their previous lifestyle

 Once you commit to working with Krystal you should expect the following:
Begin by filling out a health assessment questionnaire so that Krystal can understand how to best assist you to achieve your health goals. Once complete, she will review your answers in preparation for a 30-minute consultation call that you will schedule today. 

Krystal will customize your personal plan in an neatly organized binder that will include a Personalized Eating Plan, an Attainable Exercise Plan, Customized Supplement Regimen, Recipes, Restaurant Suggestions, Snack Suggestions, Detox Tips and additional Lifestyle Tips.


Once your plan is complete, you will schedule a 60-minute meeting with Krystal (in person or virtually via Skype or Zoom) to review your plan in detail. This meeting kicks off your 12-week coaching plan and then it is off to the races from there!

In addition to your binder, you will have access to your Patient Portal accessible through a convent phone app. The tool will offer accountability and allow unlimited communication with Krystal through the 12 weeks. Krystal will track your progress from this portal and hold you accountable to reach your goals, keeping in constant contact with you through your health journey.

Total Cost for the 12 Week Plan is $765

Additional phone calls are available for you to purchase at a discounted rate of $69 per 45-minute session.

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