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I totally get it, cystic acne all over my face, chest and back. Dark hair growing on my chin, cheeks and places I would rather not say. Not being able to eat a thing without bloating, looking 6 months pregnant. Pain, embarrassment, depressed moods, total frustration...I remember it all.

As I write this, it stirs up emotions and makes me so passionate to help other women overcome the unfair, annoying and humiliating symptoms of PCOS.

Notice I say that I remember these days, that is because these symptoms are a thing of the past! I tried everything, and I mean everything, to overcome this condition and refused to be a victim. I want to share my secrets with you of how I absolutely thrive with PCOS and maintain triumphant over this chronic condition.

This WAS Me....

This is me now!

Acne issues so severe through my 20's that makeup couldn't help, also present on my chest & back.

Pain and embarrassment after eating a salad. Bloating, abdominal pain & water retention was a very common occurrence.

This is me now, after following the AWS protocol, enjoying my most recent trip to Hawaii, symptom free & feeling great at age 35!

Why Complete the AWS Detox?

Removing Toxins from Your Body Prepares You for Mastering PCOS

Benefits to Expect During and After the  Detox:

  • Increased energy by day 3
  • Weight loss by day 7
  • Promotes healthy hormone regulation
  • Eliminates poor eating and dietary habits
  • Creates long term healthy eating habits and
    lifestyle changes
  • Aids in healing the GI trac
  • Beats bloating, giving you a flatter tummy!
  • Prepares your body to accept and absorb the
    nutrients you consume
  • Enables absorption of all high-quality supplements
    needed to continue mastering your PCOS
  • A program that actually worked for me and many other women with PCOS
  • Promotes healthy bowel elimination
  • Jump starts metabolism
  • Supports stress management
  • Aids in better sleep quality
  •  Clears skin of impurities, acne, rashes, even eczema  
  • Removes excess waste from both your kidneys and colon
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Decreases indigestion   
  • Beats brain fog
  • Continued weight loss and increased energy after completion - you may not even recognize yourself!

What to expect during the Detox

  • You will replace two meals per day with a protein shake made by combining the two THRIVE powders
  • Your third meal will consist of healty foods defined on the approved food list, anyone will be able to adhere to the recommendations regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences, whether you are a vegan or a caveman!
  • Approved snacks are permitted, a list is provided for you
  • You will take the  Amino Acids upon rising and before bed
  • You will take the digestive enzymes with each meal
  • I will coach you through the program every day through daily emails
  • You will receive 6 Instructional videos that will help you along the 14 -day journey
  • You will be granted membership in the private FB group, this will be a great way to connect with myself and other PCOS members
  • I won't abandon you after the two weeks is complete, I will give you after-care instructions to keep up the momentum and further your success

The PCOS Detox Includes:

  • 1 canister of  Detox Powder
  • 1 canister of highly absorbable, sugar-free and delicious vanilla   Pea Protein powder
  • 1 bottle of   Amino Complex capsules to assist in proper detoxification and elimination of toxins
  • 1 bottle of   Enzymes capsules to ensure absorption of protein and aid in detoxification
  • Program guidebook with step by step directions & guidelines
  • Shaker bottle for mixing your shakes
  • Daily emails from me that cover everything from tips, recipes, & important facts to daily inspiration + affirmations
  • 6 Instructional videos that will help you along the 14 day journey
  • Membership in the private FB group


PCOS  Success Story - Caitlin M., 33
"After years of struggles with infertility, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS in 2014. In the four years since I have struggled with food, exercise, and my hormone levels. It felt like no matter how hard I worked out or what I tried, my midsection was still getting larger and larger. When I saw the THRIVE Detox offered by Krystal, I reached out and decided to give it a try.

After my first 7 days on the detox, I put on a pair of jeans I had not worn in over 4 years! I had gone down 2 pants sizes, my energy increased and I just felt healthier. Six months later I have lost an additional 5 pounds (for a total of 10) by keeping the shakes as a regular part of my diet, following Krystal’s amazing guidance with my food choices, and regular exercise. I am so glad I made this choice and never want to go back to how I felt before my THRIVE Detox!"

"Detoxification is the most crucial first step to PCOS managment. That is what I appreciate most about this program. Krystal offers a sound methodology for managing and living with PCOS and it fills a much-needed gap for my patients."

Dr. Cheng Ruan, MDBoard Certified Internal Medicine DoctorTexas Center for Lifestyle Medicine - CEO and Chief Medical Officer

Now is the BEST time to start!

Which detox option is best for you?

Option 1:

By choosing the  Detox Program option only, you will be purchasing the nutritionist guided content, emails and videos to follow the eating plan without the Detox Kit.

Option 2:

By choosing the  Detox Kit option only, you will receive the  Detox Kit without the daily nutritionist guided content, emails and videos.

Option 3:

By choosing the  Detox Program and Kit, you will be purchasing the full program, receiving the kit as well as the nutritionist guided content, emails and videos, you will also receive a 10% discount when choosing this option!

 Detox Digital Program

 Detox Kit

 Detox Program and Kit - 10% Discount

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