Top Ten Detox Tips

Top Ten Detox Tips

1. Drink a huge glass of purified water upon rising, squeeze ½ of lemon to warm or room temperature water for extra benefit.

2. Invest in a water filtration system for the whole house, try super hard not to drink from plastic water bottles, as plastic is loaded with toxins. If you are renting or not ready to commit to a whole home filtration system, consider this carbon filter shower head.

3. Always buy organic, when possible. Refer to the "Dirty Dozen and Clean 15" list provided by EWG.

4. Do not heat or freeze foods in plastic. Use glass and stainless steel.

5. Never, ever, ever use aspartame (pink, yellow & blue) or drink diet sodas. Be cautious of "sugar-free" products, look for aspartame or sucralose on labels.

6. Find a natural dry cleaner and use natural laundry detergent the chemicals used for dry cleaning are some of the most dangerous available.

7. Use natural skin and hair care products, nail polish and perfumes. I highly suggest ordering from The Natural Hart. Feel free to contact Amber to find out which products are best for you.

8. Use high-quality stainless steel, ceramic and glass cookware, non-stick cookware is made of PFOA, a dangerous chemical that leach into our food.

9. Take high-quality nutritional supplements to assist your body with proper detoxification, choose from over 350 products from my store!

10. Do a thorough detox program, such as the THRIVE Detox or Push Catch Detox at least twice a year, if not quarterly.