The REAL truth behind eating SUGAR!

The REAL truth behind eating SUGAR!

A wise man once said: "Do you know the difference between sugar and cocaine?". Most people started arguing that cocaine is a dangerous drug which is correct. However, it's SUGAR that KILLS more people

Sugar is the most dangerous and legal drug out there. Sugar addiction is 100% real and approved by society as something super cute and normal. 

Now let's get to the root of the problem:  

1) Sugar DESTROYS healthy cells - you read that right. Destroys IS the word. Sugar consumption leads to organ failure, high blood sugar/glucose and leads to skyrocketing insulin levels (hello insulin resistance). 

2) Sugar is 10x ADDICTIVE than cocaine - "I have a sweet tooth" - is not an excuse. This just means that you're addicted to sugar and your brain is sending signals that it wants something sweet. Not cool. 

3) Sugar suppresses your immune system (high susceptibility to contract viruses) - for up to 8 hours. The topic of viruses is very popular these days, yet you'd never hear news talk about connection between sugar and severe disease. High blood sugar levels/glucose leads to immunosuppression which leads to high chances of contracting a virus.

Clearly, sugar is not as friendly as it's advertised. However, there ARE healthy sugar alternatives that do not damage your health and most importantly the gut lining, yet satisfies that sweet tooth which include:
Monk fruit

Try eliminating all refined sugar and limiting high glycemic fruits for 1 month and see how incredible you feel! It's truly life-changing. 

If you're looking to take charge of your health and ditch band-aid approaches to health - I'd be thrilled to guide you on your healing journey!