Are YOU suffering from a fatty liver diagnosis?

Are YOU suffering from a fatty liver diagnosis?

The first question that I get as a practitioner is - what is a fatty liver? Long story short - it's completely avoidable, useless, bad kind of fat in the liver that makes up 5–10% of the organ’s weight. While 5-10% may not sound like a lot - for this hard-working organ, it makes a world of a difference and here's why!

Liver performs over 500 critical functions that includes bile production, regulating hormones, cleansing the blood, removing harmful toxins from the bloodstream, storing vitamins/minerals, metabolism of fats, protein and carbohydrates. Therefore, those 5-10% of fat negatively affect the liver leading to liver malfunction. 

Carefully consider that the word liver contains the word "live" in it, making it the largest, high-priority detoxification organ! 

Unfortunately, the Western medicine fails to recognize fatty liver as a threatening disease with medical professionals telling their patients that "everyones lives with it", "it's very common", "don't worry about it".  This lack of medical education has led to the fatty liver diagnosis to be the most common liver disorder in North America. 

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