BEST supplements for a Fatty Liver!

BEST supplements for a Fatty Liver!

As a holistic health nutrition expert who has helped HUNDREDS of people reverse their fatty liver - I always get this question - "which supplements do you recommend for addressing NAFLD?". 

There are a few actions that need to be taken to reverse this terrible disease. It is my pleasure to guide you in right direction, but it truly takes physical, emotional and financial effort on your part to get it done. 

Some factors to consider include:

  • making necessary dietary changes 
  • taking targeted high quality supplements 
  • committing to moving your body and exercising
  • managing stress and sleep
  • detoxifying your body and your environment

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In this blog I am going to share my top recommendations for high-quality supplements that are sure to get your liver back into tip-top shape!

1) Liver Revive - which is a synergistic blend of herbs and vitamins to cleanse and protect the liver, including milk thistle. This particular formula helps to support the liver functions which help to lower the inflammation in the liver tissue. 

2) Delta Gamma E - Delta Gamma E is perhaps the most effective product you can take to address NAFLD (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease). Clinical trials have shown that taking Delta and Gamma Tocotrienols at a dose of 600mg for 90 days greatly improved NAFLD even without diet and lifestyle changes.

3) Vitamin D3+K2 - did you know that studies show that low Vitamin D levels CAN lead to a Fatty Liver so proper supplementation is very important ESPECIALLY in the winter?! 5000-10,000iu of Vitamin D has been shown to modulate the immune system, inducing an anti-inflammatory pattern in the liver. 

4) Fish Oil - high-quality fish oil contains Omega-3 which is very powerful in reducing liver inflammation. This particular fish oil helps to break down the triglycerides and fatty acids in the liver. Think about it as taking good fats to push out the bad fat!

5) Phosphatidylcholine - is a powerful important phospholipid and is important for normal cellular membrane function and repair. PSC has been studied to aid in NAFLD by transporting bad fat from the liver and assist in liver restoration.  

6) Bergamot Supreme - this powerful herb has been used in numerous clinical trials and proven to improve liver health by maintaining and supporting healthy cholesterol levels and preserving coronary arteries by maintaining normal inflammatory balance.

These powerful supplements can be ordered individually by clicking on the hyperlinks above or you can order the 30 day supply bundle deal here at a discounted rate: Liver Rescue Bundle

These supplements have shown to really enhance the livers functions and support the healing process. Please share your success with me, I love hearing all the wonderful testimonials!!