Are YOU detoxing on a regular basis?

Are YOU detoxing on a regular basis?

Ready to hear the truth? Detoxification is NOT a one time thing. Drinking celery juice or a detox powder once in a while is not exactly detoxification. 

Did you know that detoxification is a part of an EVERYDAY routine in your body meaning that your gut eliminates toxins on a DAILY basis? Our hard-working liver is busy eliminating toxic metals and cleaning the blood every single day. 

Here are a few ways you can enhance detoxification on a regular basis:

1) Eat citrus foods - like lime, lemon, grapefruit. Sour foods enhance the livers performance and help to eliminate toxins. 

2) SWEAT - very underrated form of detoxification. Sweating is your body's way of removing harmful substances from our bodies. Visiting an infrared sauna on a weekly basis and properly exercising are great steps towards healing the body. 

3) REMOVE all toxic products - especially from your home. Examples of these would be TIDE, conventional hand sanitizers/masks, Lysol etc. These products are full of parabens, fragrances and other harmful substances. Switch to non-toxic beauty as well. And lastly, to learn more - I recommend visiting EWG to rate your cleaning and beauty products on a scale from A+ to F-. 

Clearly, there's more to the story than just a "detox" pill, skinny tea or celery juice. 

Enhancing detoxification the natural route is a great way to improve your health! 

If you're looking to eliminate your toxic load, expect to feel lighter, gain mental clarity, experience improved moods, improve digestion and GI function, clear up skin issues, lose some inches and lbs - I highly recommend checking out my complete 14 Day Detox Program which is going to not only purge toxins from your cells, but also help you get on the right path to a healthier lifestyle.

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