Your Health: More Than Just Another Fad

Your Health: More Than Just Another Fad

Your health is so personal and individual to you, and it should be handled as such! With all of the outrageous health claims out on social media today, it’s easy to get confused and caught up in the wrong information. I’ve seen so many misinformed people spreading false claims on weightloss and other health problems that actually cause more harm to others than it is helping anybody. If you’re having serious health problems such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, PCOS, or gut issues you should see a nutritionist or physician and not rely on untrained influencers you see on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t know where to start? Click here to book a consultation with ME!

However, if you are just looking to simply live HEALTHIER and feel more ENERGIZED overall, here are 5 tips on how to eat and live more mindfully day to day!

Change Your Mindset

When people think of “getting healthy” often times they focus on what they can't have as opposed to what they CAN. This is a chance to explore new foods you haven’t had the chance to try yet, as well as figuring out what you love! Instead of saying, “I can’t have pizza anymore”, try thinking about it from another perspective, “I’m so grateful to be able to have access to nutritious foods”.


If one of your goals is to lose weight, try and be realistic about giving yourself a timeline. If you’re trying to lose 50lbs by next month, odds are you’re not going to make that cut and you’ll end up feeling defeated and disappointed with healthy eating. Instead, try and set goals that will make lifelong habits such as increasing your daily water intake or walking for 30 minutes each day and keep building on every week. These little habits add up!

Have An Accountability Partner

For those of you who want a challenge or simply want someone to share the experience with, grab a partner! Partners are great for trying out new recipes and exercises with as well as having that person to celebrate your successes and admit your downfalls to. Studies show that you are 60% more likely to succeed at meeting your health goals if you have someone holding you accountable. 

Don’t Restrict Too Much

Most diets fail because they keep you on a strict plan to get you to your goal. This is why I don't love "meal plans" as much as I love simple "food lists" that allow you to make the best decisions for yourself based off of the foods that are on the "approved" lists. Odds are, if you are eating nutritiously dense foods the majority of the time you will still see results. So, enjoy that popcorn, gluten free pizza, or gluten free cake on that special occasion and don’t make yourself feel guilty for indulging once in a while! Restriction can often lead to a negative relationship with food. 

Find Alternatives

You can still eat treats while making new lifestyle changes, just make smarter choices! Who doesn’t love being able to enjoy ice cream throughout the week? Below is one of my favorite alternative DAIRY-FREE ice creams that satisfies my sweet tooth and gets me through the day.

If you need a little extra help or don’t know how to start, visit my website to book a consultation with me! I’ve helped so many clients not only lower their cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and take control of their hormones and gut health, but I’ve also helped them make LIFELONG & SUSTAINABLE eating habits!

Banana nIce Cream

Dairy free ice cream alternative banana nice cream

3 Organic Ripe Bananas
1 tbsp Monk Fruit Syrup
1 tsp Vanilla

1 tbsp Cacao powder
1 tbsp Cacao nibs
1 cup of Fruit

1. Peel the bananas and freeze for 3-4 hours
2. In a high-speed blender or food processor, add in the frozen bananas, vanilla, and monk fruit syrup in and slowly blend
3. Be careful not to overmix or the bananas will become too watery. It should resemble a frozen yogurt consistency; this is the point to add in any optional ingredients and blend for a few more seconds
4. If the mixture is too soft you can put it back in the freezer for an hour or two. Otherwise, enjoy immediately!
Makes 1-2 servings