Quality Means Everything - Why I Choose Designs For Health

Quality Means Everything - Why I Choose Designs For Health

Hello! Krystal here! In my years of nutritional experience, there is ONE THING that has become top priority for me, and that is quality. Now, although I’ve tried hundreds of products on the market (with many of them being of good quality), there is one brand that has risen of above the rest. That’s why I’m excited to share with you my top 3 reasons for choosing Designs for Health (DFH):


1) They have the highest standards in the industry.  When I’m looking for a quality supplement to take, I look at a couple things first: ingredients and potency. DFH has a commitment to only providing the purest ingredients from all over the world, in the highest potency.

2) Their company is a science-first and family run company. I’m a researcher at heart. For me to feel confident in a product I’m taking or recommending, I always need to see the evidence and science behind a product’s formula. DFH has an amazing team of scientists working hard to develop and tweak their product line on a daily basis to ensure its quality and effectiveness. And because they are family run, they warmly welcome feedback and suggestions- LOVE IT!

3) Quality- The proof is in the pudding, right?! In my experience with supplements, DFH has yielded the best results out of all the products on the market. That’s why doctors and health care providers all over the country choose DFH (and even private label them).

Because I love Designs for Health products so much, I’m offering a special discount when you place your first order on my website! Click the shop tab and use offer code “FIRST20” at checkout. Or if you prefer to shop on Amazon, use code ”DFH58757” at checkout.

Questions about which supplements to take? I’ve got your covered. Just email me at Krystal@AWSNutriton.com and I’ll be happy to address your health concerns.

Until next time!