The Easiest Way to Boost Your Daily Health

The Easiest Way to Boost Your Daily Health

So, you know that you should be supplementing with high-quality vitamins and minerals to provide your body with the proper nutrients to help you thrive and stay well.

BUT what supplements should you take? In what doses? Where should you purchase them? When should you take them? There are so many questions that come with the decision to be a vitamin consumer.

In addition to the questions, you have the task of purchasing, storing, organizing and remembering to take your daily supplements. This is starting to turn into a lot of work!

Well, don’t fret, that is what I am here for; to make being healthy easily attainable! I have the perfect solution to fit an easy vitamin regimen into your busy life.

Introducing the Twice Daily Essential Packs from Designs for Health - the leading nutraceutical company on the market! In these handy packs, you will have 4 easy-to-swallow pills to take twice a day, one pack with breakfast and the other with dinner.

 In each pack, you will find the following:

1 Multi-Vitamin containing 21 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This excellent multi will provide you the perfect balance of essential nutrients to help replenish all that is lacking from our standard American diet.

1 Calcium Malate Chelate (250 mg) which is a safe amount and highly absorbable form of calcium to assist in maintaining your weight and blood pressure as well as strengthening your bones, teeth, and gums.

1 Magnesium Malate Chelate (360 mg) which is a highly absorbable form of Magnesium that is essential for over 300 different biochemical functions in the body. This miracle mineral assists with everything from energy production to regulating blood pressure and blood sugar. It also relieves muscle aches and pains and is the best supplement to take for regulating your bowels.

1 OmegAvail Synergy which is a blend of omega 3-6-7-9. This unique blend of EFA’s supports heart health, regulating cholesterol and triglyceride levels, also brain health; protecting and improving memory and concentration. This fish oil also promotes beautiful hair, skin and nails and of course is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

I also encourage you to take extra Vitamin D3 the amount to take varies per person, depending on your blood work. I believe that is safe for all American adults to take a minimum of 2000IU daily, so I would take this in addition to the packs.

By taking these 2 packs a day, you should expect to see all around improvements, especially in your energy level. You may also notice a strengthened immune system when others around you may be sick, but you are well, and you and your doctor may also notice the visible improvements in your bloodwork.

Order from my website today, and hit the shop tab at the top of the page and add the Twice Daily Essential Packs to your cart. Use code FIRST20 at checkout and receive 20% off your entire first order! With this discount, each pack comes out to just over $2/pack, at this price, you can afford take charge of your health!

I look forward to helping you improve your health, naturally.