Suffering from side effects of depression medication?  We have some alternatives that may be worth trying!

Suffering from side effects of depression medication? We have some alternatives that may be worth trying!

Hello, Krystal here! I want to touch a very sensitive topic today as its becoming more and more prevalent among my patients and across the country: Depression.

This disorder affects nearly 16 million Americans and is most often treated with harsh pharmaceutical drugs. The worst part of it all is that the #1 side-effect of antidepressants is more depression? Crazy, right?!

In my experience with depression-sufferers, I’ve found that there is always an underlying cause to their condition. Most common is a hormone imbalance (often after childbirth) extreme adrenal fatigue, severe nutrient deficiencies, or even poor gut health.

That being said, if an individual wants to be treated effectively, it’s crucial to not only get a full hormone blood panel drawn to learn about potential hormone imbalance but also to speak with a healthcare professional about your symptoms in order to diagnose the root cause of the depression.

As for nutrient deficiencies, my favorite test that I recommend to all clients is the SpectraCell test. Not only does it show the vitamins and nutrients that your body is lacking, but it can also show patterns that reveal adrenal fatigue or other hormone imbalances. I am also excited to offer testing for IBS and gluten sensitivities as well as food allergy testing that can contribute to poor health leading to depression. Furthermore, I can always run a full hormone panel and suggest natural alternatives to prescription drugs that can help you overcome your depression at the core.

If you suffer from depression, whether minor or severe, I recommend that you do/take the following:

  • Practice good sleep habits. It’s ideal to get between 8-9 hours and best if you go to sleep around the same time every night. There are several sleep tracking apps you can find to help!
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption as much as possible
  • Exercise! Physical activity increases serotonin levels in the brain, which improves moods
  • Avoid any food allergies, gluten, and most dairy, these foods cause inflammation in the body and alter mood by affecting the nervous system tissues.
  • Do things that make you happy, make time for yourself and celebrate life from time to time!
  • Avoid stress as often as possible, do not take on extra obligations that cause unnecessary stress in your life
  • Practice meditation and yoga, attend church and read uplifting books and materials, you would be amazed at what adjusting your mindset and thinking can do for your mood · Eat 5-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily or add PaleoGreens™ or PaleoReds™ to your favorite drink
  • Consider taking the following nutrients:
  1. Brain Vitale
  2. Ultra B12-Folate
  3. Magnesium Glycinate
  4. 5-HTP Supreme (do not take if on SSRIs)
  5. Lithium Synergy (do not take if on SSRIs)


It is safe and highly recommended for everyone to take Vitamin D3, B Vitamins (such as B12 & folate) and Magnesium as core foundational supplement to achieve optimal health. Each persons' battle with depression is unique, so reach out to me to find out which additional supplements will benefit you most.

Furthermore, if you need help with an eating and exercise program for overcoming depression, or would like for me to run any additional testing on you, I am happy to assist! Enquire about my nutritional coaching packages and diagnostic tests here.