Natural Head Lice Treatment That Works - One Client's Story

Natural Head Lice Treatment That Works - One Client's Story

So recently I had a very unusual request from one of my clients.  

She wanted to know if my Digestive Enzyme product had Protease in it.  I said, of course, however, I wanted to make sure that it was exactly what she needed and so I found out that it has more than double the protease that is found in shelf supplements at your pharmacy.  

But Why?

I was surprised at her reason but after she explained it to me, it totally clicked.

She explained that she has been battling head lice with her 13-year old daughter for months and she was losing the battle.  Her daughter is in cheer and has a very active lifestyle, sleepovers, friends parties, overnight trips...

She is not a dirty kid, she showers daily and cares very much about her appearance.

But lice today are not the same lice as 10 years ago, we now have SUPER lice  - they are completely resistant to all the over the counter products that cost $30, $40 and even $50 each treatment.  

The problem with today’s lice - is that nothing kills the actual eggs or nits.

She even tried a shampoo that cost $300!!!  It was prescribed by a doctor and filled with a promise to kill the eggs.  You see, every 2 weeks, the eggs hatch and create more lice that lay more eggs.  The average adult louse can lay 6-8 eggs a day. This means if you don’t kill the eggs, then you are treating every two weeks without fail and still your child will have lice 2 weeks later!

So, she decided to go to another doctor and get a second opinion about her lice war.

He did not prescribe her a $300 shampoo but rather told her about a Foster family that uses this fail-safe treatment once on every new kid they foster and the lice AND eggs are gone.

Here is the super simple and inexpensive lice treatment:

1 Cup of Conditioner (any will work)

2 Tablespoons of Coarse Salt

3 Capsules of a Digestive Enzyme that contains Protease

Spread the conditioning treatment thoroughly especially on the roots, behind the ears and the back of the head (this is where lice love to live).

Leave it on for 1 hour.

Rinse and blow dry the hair completely - then use a Nit comb and comb through every strand of hair (this removes all the dead nits and bugs).

Remember to wash all pillows, sheets, bedding, and clothes in hot water and dry it on super high heat. Otherwise, when they go back to sleep they can get infected all over again.

That’s it!

Why did this natural and inexpensive lice treatment work?

Because Protease is a very powerful digestive enzyme that eats bad bacteria and bugs in your gut.  And guess what? It eats through the skin and protective coating of lice and eggs as well!

So when she told me what she was going to use it for it made total and complete sense to me.  

It has been over a month now and I asked her how it was going.  She was happy to inform me that her daughter was lice free for the past month and she plans to do this treatment every month to keep them gone for good.  She also said an extra benefit is that it makes her daughter’s hair beautiful and shiny :).

Here is her email to me about the ordeal:

lice treatment that works


I asked if I could share her story to spread the word, as I have clients that have daughters that are in cheer, dance, sports, or super active socially (sleepovers are the biggest culprit of lice infestations).

She was more than happy to share and hopes that the word spreads to every mom that has had to deal with this embarrassing plague.  Good luck!