Have You Been Diagnosed with IBS?

Have You Been Diagnosed with IBS?

Oh, IBS! If you don’t know someone with IBS or are experiencing the symptoms yourself, I would be shocked, to say the least! IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, has become wildly recognized and honestly, overly diagnosed. When a patient presents symptoms of constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, bloating and stomach pain, most practitioners assume IBS, prescribe medication, that may temporarily relieve symptoms, and send you on your merry way.

So what’s the problem with that? Well… a lot.

First of all, WHY do you have IBS? What is the root cause? Is it stemmed from stress, your environment, your diet? Is there more to it? Do you have a fungal or bacterial overgrowth? Could it be Crones or Colitis? Is it primarily a dairy issue or lactose intolerance or is gluten to blame, could it be celiac disease?

The second problem is the lack of information that is often provided to the patient, primarily involving diet. It is imperative, I repeat, IMPERATIVE to change your diet if you are experiencing GI upset. You CAN NOT heal your gut with medication or even supplements alone, dietary changes must be made to reduce inflammation and remove the irritants so that the gut can heal. So, if your practitioner is awesome enough to recommend dietary changes, are you being advised correctly? Thanks to Dr. Google and WebMD, there is such a vast variety of conflicting information to be considered.

The third issue I want to address is the medications recommended….my blood pressure rises when I even begin to think about this. With the exception of three FDA regulated medications on the market, the rest are …umm…what can I say without getting in trouble….well, let’s just say that they don’t work too well and may even make your situation way worse! I’ll stop here. Just understand that you must work on healing the gut at the core and not just addressing the symptoms.

So that is what I am here for! I have created some proven GI protocols that can restore you back to optimal health. I have been through the ringer with Western medical doctors, prescription medication, and misdiagnosis. Over a decade ago, I crossed over to the greener side of the lawn; the natural, holistic and functional side of things where the unicorns graze on crunchy kale under the rainbow and I am not going back! Ok, but on a serious note, you don’t have to be extreme to stop an apply some common sense; you know that you have to pull that pesky weed out by the root, simply cutting it off at the stem is not going to permanently eliminate it. America is starting to come to terms with the evil of big pharma and the dangers of prescription drugs; we all hear the commercials, the side effects literally outweigh the benefits.

I am sorry if death is a possible side effect, why would you swallow the toxic potion? These medications are synthetic toxins, made in a lab, that literally poison our cells. For just about every drug out there, there is a wonderful, natural supplement that can take its place and work on healing at the core of the problem.

So, if you are experiencing GI issues, please dig deeper, do additional research, ask questions, you must take charge of your health!

Please know that I can help! I offer a variety of GI testing to seek out the cause of your issues. You can do a blood test or DNA stool tests, you can identify parasites, molds, funguses, bacteria & Candida. You can identify celiac or gluten sensitivities, uncover proof of intestinal permeability and inflammation and more.

If you want to skip the testing, we can discuss your symptoms and decide which protocol is best for you. Or maybe you already have a confirmed diagnosis and are looking for a natural solution to healing.

The good news is, when you follow my protocols, you are:

* working on improving your diet by removing inflammatory foods

* introducing nourishing and high-quality supplements

* and making necessary positive lifestyle changes

So, the only side effects that you should report are added benefits! Hey, your joint pain has subsided, migraines are gone, you have more energy, your heart markers improved…fantastic, I don’t expect to hear complaints about any of this!

So, in conclusion, I am truly so sorry that you are suffering from IBS or any other GI issues, I know it is not fun AT ALL. But the truth is that you are not alone, over 70% of Americans are right there with you.

It is time to jump out of that statistic and decide to do something about it, there is a very low to no chance your gut is going to heal itself, TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH, naturally! You can start by checking out my gut healing protocols here and let me know how I can help!

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