Get Healthy and Ditch the Plastic

Get Healthy and Ditch the Plastic

Personal health isn’t always at the forefront of our daily thoughts and actions because we always expect to be, well, healthy. It’s only when our health starts to slip that we start to pay closer attention.

For many, if things aren’t broken, why take any extra effort or expense to fix it? While this might be a personally useful way to look at your life, it isn’t’ the best way. Taking extreme measures to ensure your personal health isn’t the best path, but neither is doing nothing.

The best solution?

Take little steps to support a healthier lifestyle to avoid future problems. One easy (and even fun) way to treat your health; ditch the disposable plastic straws for reusable and eco-friendly glass straws.

Remove the plastic - remove the risk!

As you may or may not know, plastic, though useful in daily life, can have some very bad effects on the body. Plastic is either made from other recycled plastics or straight from petroleum. The chemical process used to create plastic is best left outside the body. Many of these chemicals, when used over time, can impact the body in negative ways leading to long-term health issues.

And while using a disposable straw doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal, repeatedly using these straws introduces toxins to the body with every use over days, weeks, months and years. This toxin exposure, though small, will add up.

Glass straws, on the other hand, are generally toxin free, illuminating the threat of petroleum-based product toxin exposure. These reusable straws also have the added benefit of being good for the environment.

While plastic straws are small and may seem insignificant, if you think of how many are used daily, and then end up in land-fills, those little, insignificant straws start to add to the growing waste problem we have in the U.S. Switching to glass straws does a little bit with every use to make the earth a cleaner place.

While there are multiple places you can get glass straws, my favorite place to shop is Not only are their straws non-toxic, they are sturdy, come in multiple lengths and colors and you can get them personalized with cute decorations.  They even have straws that donate proceeds to several charities that help the environment.

Taking small steps is the best path!

So, if you can make the switch, you will be doing a little something better for your body and the earth.