Detox: The Most Impactful Way to Improve your Health!

Detox: The Most Impactful Way to Improve your Health!

My goal for 2020 has not changed from previous years, my mission is to help people achieve optimal health naturally!!! 

SO WHAT ARE YOUR HEALTH GOALS FOR 2020?!?! We all have room for improvement, right?

Maybe you want to have more energy and vitality, resolve depression & anxiety, clear up acne and improve the quality or your hair, skin & nails or maybe your goal is the ever-popular "I want to lose weight!"

To achieve any of these goals, it is extremely important to focus on the core issues, not just the symptom. I mean, if you want to kill the weed, you can’t just cut it at the stem, you have to pull up that root, right! 

Interestingly, regardless of the symptom or the goal, there is usually one common denominator to focus on....DETOXIFICATION! 

Detox is the key to optimal health, period.
If your cells are literally poisoned with toxins, how can you expect to feel well?

Our miraculous bodies were not designed to take on this tremendous toxic burden!!!

Every year 2,000 new toxins are introduced into our county; the toxic load is only getting worse and you are getting hit from every direction. Toxins are found in:

  • food we eat
  • air we breathe 
  • beauty and cleaning products that we use
  • plastics and styrofoam we eat and drink from
  • heavy metals such as aluminum and mercury
  • molds & mildews found in our homes and environment
  • and the list goes on...

Toxins are stored in fat; they make nice, comfy homes in our fat cells, making it nearly impossible to lose weight, regardless of our efforts.

These toxins are hormone disruptors, messing with your natural hormone production leading to issues ranging from premature aging to poor thyroid function and low testosterone.

These toxins are causing inflammation leading to an abundance of sickness and disease including cancer and autoimmune conditions.

Toxic overload results in acne, rashes, unhealthy nails & hair loss, the list can go on and on, but I think you're catching my drift!

The best first step you can take to improving your health is to compete a thorough detox program such as my 14 Day Detox. This detailed and highly effective detox program will support detox phases 1 and 2 to help turn those fat-soluble toxins water soluble so that your body can eliminate them. You will be provided with the step by step instructions and the benefits may blow your mind!

So what better way to start 2020 then to hit the reset button and detoxify your body while being guided through a healthy eating program that will reset new eating habits and yield lasting results! 

Check out more details about my AWS 14 Day Detox here! 

Need more motivation? Well here you go....use code NEWME2020 at checkout for a 10% discount off of the detox! 

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2020! It is going to be an amazing year!