Colostrum: The Magic Powder for Your Gut, Immune System and Overall Wellness

Colostrum: The Magic Powder for Your Gut, Immune System and Overall Wellness

When it comes to supplementation, bovine colostrum is in a league of its own. After intensely researching colostrum, reading medical journals & publications, reviewing clinical trials and hearing first-hand testimonies, I can honestly tell you this my absolute favorite supplement, ever! I have LOVED and recommended it for YEARS, and the results continue to amaze me!

So, what exactly is colostrum? In short, its mothers first milk or “pre-milk”, a super nutrient providing all of the critical nutrients that a newborn needs to thrive and survive! Colostrum contains antibodies, antioxidants, growth factors, macronutrients, and more than 100 other vital bioactives.

Because we are currently in the heart of cold and flu season, I am going to specifically hone in on colostrum’s ability to build the immune system and fight these terrible viruses.

Flu symptoms include coughing, sore throat, headaches, fever, aches, chills and may be accompanied by vomiting and/or diarrhea. This terrible virus does not discriminate, it attacks children, infants, moms, dads, college kids, business execs and the elderly. So how do you avoid the flu!?!


a) you can choose to get a flu shot, injecting your body with the very virus in which we wish to avoid plus other foreign substances with no guarantee that it will even protect you from getting sick (and may even make you sick)… or…

b) you can take the necessary steps to provide your body with life-giving nutrients that will protect and strengthen your gut health and your immune systemnaturally, protecting your body from the flu as well as colds and other viruses!

You may have noticed I just mentioned two important words: “gut health”, but wait, aren’t we talking about the immune system? YES….

I mentioned gut health because almost every component of our general well-being starts in the gut! It’s estimated that a staggering 8 out of 10 people suffer from some form of leaky gut syndrome at some point in their life. A leaky gut makes your body more susceptible to catching the flu, colds and various viruses, as it greatly compromises your immune system. A leaky gut can have a profound effect on the body as a whole, causing a variety of ailments ranging from allergy symptoms, consistent inflammation, GI distress, autoimmune diseases, cognitive decline and more….I am obsessed with helping my patients support their gut health because it’s so impactful on your overall health!

The scientific community has published various studies that look into the importance of adding colostrum into the diet, including fighting off the flu and optimizing nutritional absorption.

Some publications even identify Colostrum as Nature’s Flu Shot!

Could colostrum powder really be nature’s flu shot? YES!

As doctors and scientists continue to study and understand the effects that our lifestyles and diets have on our health, specifically our gut health, they have verified that our father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, actually knew what he was talking about! Back in 400BC, Hippocrates declared that all sickness and disease stemmed from the gut and can be healed in the gut. And what do you know, he is absolutely correct!

The majority of nutritional absorption from the food we eat occurs in the gut, directly impacting the immune system and overall health; this is what enables the body to fight off infection and disease. There is no way around it, having a healthy gut is imperative to our overall health and well-being.

With nearly 80% of us experiencing some form of leaky gut syndrome, it appears we could all benefit from improvements to our lifestyle and diet choices. Of course, a healthy anti-inflammatory diet, adequate sleep & proper stress management all positively impact our health…but additional high-quality supplementation should also be added to further benefit your health.

So, let’s dive more deeply into this magic powder, Colostrum!

I mentioned earlier that I have reviewed several studies on bovine colostrum powder and its immune system boosting properties. A recent study showed that the group who took an oral colostrum supplement was 3x less likely to contract the flu than those that received the flu vaccine and that’s only a small piece of the fascinating research regarding colostrum health benefits! Did you know that 70% of serotonin (the happiness neurotransmitter) is made in the gut and production of this happy molecule is increased with colostrum consumption? Or that colostrum supplementation has been linked to increased exercise performance and even weight loss?

The protein rich polypeptides and other bioactive components found in colostrum deliver rich proteins and increase immunity by stimulating the development and repair of the gut.

The only downside that I have come across with recommending colostrum over the years is the fact that it contains dairy, as it is mothers first milk, derived from cows. Many of my clients are sensitive or allergic to dairy, so this has been a hindrance…. HOWEVER, I was so thrilled to find a solution a couple years ago: SERUM BOVINE IMMUOGLOBULIN powder, a DAIRY FREE COLOSTRUM, derived from the serum rather than the actual dairy milk. PERFECT!

So here it is! My magic powder that continues to aid in healing leaky guts by coating the intestines with a nice “milky” coating while providing those peptides and immunoglobulins that to go to work to seal those little microscopic rips, holes and tears in the delectate intestinal lining. These components even have the ability to attack invaders such as bacteria, fungus, candida and viruses, eradicating them from the body.

Help yourself and your family avoid the flu, colds and viruses this season by supporting your gut health and immune system!

Add Revive Powder Serum Bovine Colostrum to your diets today! The best time to prevent the flu is before you’re exposed to it by optimizing your body’s immune system daily!

Maybe I am a bit too late in getting this email out, and you are already suffering from a virus or bacterial infection, I’m so sorry! Well, order now and start taking this magic powder immediately to shorten the duration & severity of the symptoms that you are dealing with. It will also help prevent re-infection by strengthening the immune system to combat those foreign invaders!   

Dosing: (best taken on an empty stomach)

  • Adults and children over 80lbs: 1 full scoop (2.5g) 1-2x/day
  • Children and toddlers under 80lbs: ½ scoop (1.75g) 1-2x/day
  • Babies and infants under 12m: ¼ scoop (.87g) 1-2x/day

*Once a day is sufficient as a maintenance, twice a day is recommended for therapeutic dosing.

Instructions: Simply mix in liquid of your choice, such as unsweetened nut milk or water.

Pro Tip: A battery operated milk frother works so well to mix chunk-less and smoothly

Cautions:Not recommended for pregnant woman, though safe for nursing mothers