Are you OVER-EATING naked carbs?

Are you OVER-EATING naked carbs?

Anytime you travel, you probably notice people around you eating healthy foods as snacks. Think of carrots, bananas, apples, a slice of gluten-free bread etc. Although these foods are packed with nutrients - on their OWN - they do NOTHING but contribute to high levels of insulin. 

Now WHY is that? That's because carbs on their own spike blood sugar which leads to high levels of glucose and insulin resistance. 

This is WHY - if you eat carbs, ALWAYS pair them with fats and protein. Instead of eating all day long, stick to 3 FILLING meals that include lots of good fats, high-quality protein and some low glycemic carbs. Remember, vegetables are carbs too; same story with fruits. 

You've probably heard the term "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"; although there's some truth to that - for the sake of your blood sugar, don't eat it on its own

Absolutely, same technique applies to desert. NEVER have desert on an empty stomach. Only after a balanced meal with mainly fats and protein. 

Although these changes may sound simple, they're very useful for balancing those blood sugar levels and lowering insulin. 

To conclude, always remember that food will be either healing for the body or do the opposite. Choose wisely!