ACNE: Where Does It Come From?

ACNE: Where Does It Come From?

While many of us leave acne behind in the teen years, that skin menace follows some of us into adulthood. But it’s just a simple skin irritation, right? Or just a cruel joke that shows up in the center of your forehead or chin right before a big important event. There is more to the awful red, the puss-filled annoyance that appears on your face, chest, and back; let’s look deeper...

Where exactly does acne stem from?

Have you ever considered that what is going on internally, inside of your body, may be presenting itself outwardly, on your skin? Well, that is exactly what is going on. If everything was fine and dandy inside, it would be reflected outside as well.  

Acne acts as an obvious sign that you need to take a deeper look to see what is going on internally. When viewed in this light, a pimple functions as a type of canary in the mineshaft desperately trying to warn us that there is a buildup of toxins in the body. Toxins in the body need to be flushed out to rid you of acne.

  • Acne is largely a skin irritation caused by clogged pores; the main culprit of these clogged pores are toxins.
  • Environmental factors, the foods we eat, medications we take and the beauty products we use all cause toxic build up.
  • These toxins get into our bodies and are eliminated through our body processes. However, if there is a constant flow of toxins, organs like the liver and intestines become overwhelmed and they can’t be eliminated.
  • These toxins keep traveling through the body causing damage and inflammation throughout our systems.
  • Even when topically treated, the acne may dry up, but just as quickly returns because you are not treating the source.

You may be thinking back to that teenage kid that is hitting puberty and experiencing acne, and thinking, isn’t it all hormones?

Well, guess what, toxins affect your hormones!

The toxic build-up in your body are hormone disrupters and wreak havoc on your natural hormone production. Consider the poor dietary (and sometimes poor hygiene) habits that a teenager possesses and pair that with genetic mutations that may inhibit proper detoxification and it can turn into an acne whirlwind!

So, what are we acne prone people to do?

You guessed it: DETOX!

Here are some good places to start:

  • Examine your diet. Cutting out refined sugars, processed foods, heavy dairy and gluten/wheat will make a world of a difference, not only for your acne but for your health in general.
  • Drinking water, lots of it, will flush toxins from your body. Add lemon for added benefit.
  • Getting your smoothie on, with power-packed greens, will give your detox an extra boost. Adding extra fiber to your diet by adding extra servings of fruits and veggies daily will help the body eliminate toxins.
  • Switching to non-toxic and all-natural home and body cleaning products will help cut down on environmental toxins.
  • Supplement with high-quality nutritional vitamins, minerals, antioxidant and amino acids. Something as basic as a professional line multi-vitamin can assist in detoxification (please never, ever, ever take Centrum, there is a better chance that this junk could hurt you more than help you). Or, if you want to get really serious about eliminating these acne-causing toxins, we can talk about a more thorough detox plan such as the THRIVE 14 Day Detox or introducing a more advance daily vitamin regimen. A good place to start is to introduce Acnutrol. This product is loaded with critical vitamins, wonderful antioxidants, herbs and more to target acne elimination through detoxification.

Consider adding exercise to the above methods to help the body sweat out the toxic load and make sure to use the bathroom regularly for elimination. Be aware that the acne may get a little worse before it gets better, but that is part of the process of detoxification.

The take away here: Toxins in the body are the #1 cause of acne, so eliminate the problem at the core through proper detoxification by following the guidelines provided. Put in the work and it will be well worth it for your overall health.