7 Signs of Leaky Gut

7 Signs of Leaky Gut

The digestive tract measure roughly 23 feet long with the large intestines adding another 5 feet to the GI tract. It functions to break down food and deliver nutrients to the body to keep it thriving and surviving.ct is quite complex!

The small intestine

This crucial organ is often put to the test by the foods we eat, the environment we live in and life’s stresses that  bombard us. One issue that is gaining more recognition as a serious medical problem is intestinal hyperpermeability or Leaky Gut Syndrome.

The intestines are meant to be permeable, allowing nutrients through to the right locations.

Hyperpermeability means that these “passageways” which open and shut get stuck in the open position, furthermore, the intestines experience micro-sized rips, holes and tears, all allowing under-digested food into the bloodstream and causing serious problems.

If you are questioning whether you might have a leaky gut, read the following about common symptoms linked to intestinal hyperpermeability:

  1. Digestive Issues. Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome are just a few digestive problems linked to leaky gut.
  2. Hormonal Issues. Many problems like PCOS and severe PMS aren’t just annoying, these can be signs that your intestines have become hyperpermeable.
  3. Skin Issues. Skin problems like rosacea or even persistent acne can be a sign of a leaky gut. Leaky gut can affect the skin as well as internal organs.
  4. Food Sensitivities. Food allergies or intolerances have long been blamed on overactive immune response. However, new research shows that there is a strong link to food issues and gut permeability.
  5. Malabsorption. An intestinal tract with too many “open doors” doesn’t hold on to the vitamins and minerals needed to fuel the body. Issues like anemia can be caused by malabsorption and malabsorption caused by a leaky gut.
  6. Chronic Fatigue. This all-encompassing type of tired that interrupts your life has strong ties to leaky gut syndrome.
  7. Autoimmune Diseases. Diseases like arthritis and lupus have also been linked to leaky gut, leading experts to examine more closely the role the intestines play in chronic illness.

If you think you have a leaky gut, don’t panic, I am here to help!

I can run specific tests to gain clarification or we can just take action based on symptoms and get to work healing the GI tract right away!

I have specific, very successful, step-by-step plans for improving GI heath including the 3 R’s:  

Removing specific inflammatory foods & taking the required supplements to kill harmful bacteria or fungus detected.

Repair the GI tract with herbs and supplements that may repair and protect the intestins

Replace good, healthy bacteria with high quality probiotics

Get more info on my gut healing protocols here!

Dietary changes and supplementation will be needed to help heal your intestines. With some diligent work and positive changes, your GI tract will be back to normal and you will feel better than ever. Trust me, I suffered from a variety of GI issues for years and I am so grateful to have fully healed my gut at the core.

Reach out at 281-972-0782 or krystal@awsnutrition.com, I look forward to helping you heal your gut, it is truly life changing!