6 Nutrition Tips to Staying Trim on Turkey Day

6 Nutrition Tips to Staying Trim on Turkey Day

1. Be cautious about snacking. It’s easier than you may think to consume extra, unwanted calories while you are mingling with friends and family prior to your feast. When snacking, reach for the veggie tray or a salad, look for something green amongst the starches and sugars.


2. Avoid empty calories. Drinking sugary drinks, especially sodas, do not provide the body with any nutrition, yet they pack on the calories. Chose tea, coffee and lots of water this holiday.


3. Fill your plate up with the good stuff. You will more than likely have a large array of foods to choose from, filling your plate up with 80% of the good lean protein and veggies and 20% of the traditional unhealthy options with provide you with the proper nutrients while also keeping you from feeling deprived and able to enjoy the traditions.


4. Contribute a healthy dish or dessert. Make sure your contribution to the holiday meal is something healthy that you can enjoy. You may think others may not appreciate the healthy option, but there is a good chance you will be surprised. Check out paleo recipes online, they are easy to find and there is generally a healthy modification to all the traditional dishes.


5. Stop eating when you are full. While all those around you may be busting at the belt and in food coma, you will be thriving. Eat slowly, listen to your body and stop when you are full. You may also want to take a digestive enzyme with your first bite of food to help your digestive system break down all your carbs, sugars, fats and proteins and avoid fullness or bloating.


6. Don’t pass on that traditional Thanksgiving walk. This will aid in detoxification and proper digestion while also renewing your mind. You may even want to participate in a Turkey Trot or go for a morning jog prior to the feast, you will feel better physically and psychologically. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Have a wonderful Holiday!