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Saliva Hormone Test - Vibrant Wellness

Saliva Hormone Test - Vibrant Wellness


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The Salivary Hormones test measures levels of important reproductive and metabolic hormones in the body that relate to energy, weight fluctuations, water retention, muscle loss or gain, sleep, mood, and cognitive function.

The primary benefit of salivary testing is that steroid hormones collected from saliva are unconjugated and/or bioavailable rather than the total, or protein bound hormones which are typically measured in serum.

Hormones are essential chemical messengers which regulate routine processes in the body. This test is helpful in the evaluation of sex steroid imbalance such as deficiency or excess of estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone/DHEAS-S. This panel also helps to assess adrenal function and conditions relating to excess or deficiency of cortisol, as well as HPA axis imbalance. Adrenal function testing can also offer insight into neurotransmitter levels and mood disorders.

Do you struggle with these symptoms?
Hot flashes  
Night sweats  
Hair loss  
Poor sleep  
Low libido  
Memory lapse  
Sugar cravings  
Weight gain  
Dry, dull appearance of skin  
Poor stamina  
Decreased muscle mass/strength  
Neck/back pain  
Decreased urinary flow (men)  
Thinning hair, eyebrows, or eyelashes   
Erectile dysfunction   
Apathy/mood changes  
Poor cognition  
Brain fog  
Chronic Irritability  
Increased facial hair/acne  
Irregular menstrual cycles  
Key markers include: 
Saliva Steroid Hormones
· Estradiol (E2)
· Estrone (E1)
· Estriol (E3)
· E3/(E1+E2) Ratio
· Progesterone (Pg)
· Pg/E2 Ratio
· Testosterone
Saliva Cortisol
· Cortisol (Pooled)
· Cortisol (Morning)
· Cortisol (Noon)
· Cortisol (Evening)
· Cortisol (Night)
Saliva Cortisone
· Cortisone (Pooled)
· Cortisone (Morning)
· Cortisone (Noon)
· Cortisone (Evening)
· Cortisone (Night)

A few simple steps to get you started…
1. Once you order the test, please email me with your date of birth so that I can complete the requisition form. 

2. You will receive the saliva test kit in the mail (generally within 3 to 5 business days).
3. Complete the saliva test when you are ready. If you still have a menstrual cycle, you should wait to perform the test on days 19 through 21 of your cycle. Day 1 of bleeding counts starts to count.
4. once your saliva collection is complete, drop off your self addressed package at any FedEx location.
5. Once I receive your results, I will email you a clean copy of your report, as well as all of my lab interpretations, notes, and recommendations. 

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