Krystal's 3 Month VIP Concierge Program is ideal 

for those who: 

  • Are extremely busy and need Krystal & her team to take care of all the details including *grocery shopping/delivery, meal delivery & custom supplement packs.   

  • Benefit from constant check in's and reminders; you will be given a smart scale that provides detailed information and reports that Krystal can track to make sure that you are positively progressing. 

  • Need to resolve specific health issues; Krystal will work with your doctor and review labs (*or she will personally order blood work) to track the improvement of specific health ailments. 

  • Are making BIG changes from previous lifestyle and need individualized attention, coaching and cheerleading. 

  • Are serious about making lasting lifestyle changes 

  • Are interested in exploring advanced super human testing including DNA, micronutrients, stool testing, food sensitivities, etc. to ensure optimal health & longevity.

Once you commit to working with Krystal, here is what you should expect: 


Begin by filling out a health assessment questionnaire so that Krystal can understand how to best assist you to achieve your health goals. Once complete, she will review your answers in preparation for a 60-minute consultation call that you will schedule today. 

Krystal will customize your personal plan in an neatly organized binder that will include a Personalized Eating Plan, an Attainable Exercise Plan, Customized Supplement Regimen, Recipes, Restaurant Suggestions, Snack Suggestions, Detox Tips and additional Lifestyle Tips and more. The binder and the smart scale will be delivered to you. 


Once you receive your nutrition plan and smart scale, you will schedule a 60-minute meeting with Krystal (via phone or Zoom) to review your plan in detail and then it is off to the races from there!

You will have constant contact and unlimited access to Krystal through the duration of your 3 month program. The frequency of the check-in's will be customized to your needs and will be discussed and agreed upon, everything is customizable. This access to Krystal will provide accountability and allow more personalization through your health journey.

*The cost of meals, groceries, supplements and bloodwork is not included. The cost of bloodwork will be offered at wholesale pricing and you will receive a 15% discount on supplements. The smart scale is included in the cost below. 

Total Cost for the 12 Week Plan is $1500

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