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A plan, including the 3 R's: REMOVE, REPAIR & REPLACE in order to achieve optimal GI Health!

Success Story - Patrick M.

Krystal Hammett’s THRIVE gut healing supplements have truly changed my life. I have been suffering from IBS, which unexpectedly began about 12 years ago. I have seen every specialist in the Houston Medical Center that specializes in the treatment of IBS and my gastroenterologists has given me countless drug prescriptions, including all of the most recent drugs you see advertised on TV.

My wife had mentioned my condition to Krystal and she suggested I give her a call in early March of 2018. Krystal spent over an hour on the phone with me obtaining an understanding of my condition and the numerous symptoms I was experiencing. She customized a plan for me and two short months later I am symptom-free! My wife and I can hardly believe it and will always be grateful for Krystal’s advice and support. She is always positive and upbeat and unlike some doctors, she actually listens! Needless to say, I would highly recommend Krystal, her supplements, and her protocols.


These test will also help in the treatment: Wheat Zoomer, IBBSure, and Food Sensitivity